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Eat your way through the history of Denmark

The menus in Restaurant Julian is inspired by the exhibitions at The National Museum of Denmark. Based on the themes of the exhibitions we have put together dishes of roast and fish combined with free range greens from our own farm Juliangaard. The menu changes approximately every quarter and can be combined in different ways.

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Salted salmon
with lovage, sour cream and Jerusalem artichokes

Cured veal leg
with juniper, cilantro, egg custard and herbs of the season

Celery baked in hay
with goat cheese and kale

Slow roasted beef
with grilled leeks and pickled mushrooms

‘Gule Kristian’ (Danish cheese)
with raisins in caramel and nut compote

Carrot cake
with creamy fresh cheese and vanilla


Cured flounder
with asparagus mayo and raw asparagus

New danish potatoes
with ramsons, crispy malt and goat cheese

Danish pork and beef terrine
with mustard cream and house pickles

Veal brisket in blanquette
with colourful roots and horseradish

Cream cheese
with herbal salt and crumble

Strawberry and rhubarb
with crisp meringue and whipped cream


Salted fish
with herbs from Julian Farm and pea vinaigrette

New shoots from Julian Farm
with egg custard and rapeseed oil

Grilled roast beef
with pickled summer mushrooms and herb sauce

Veal fricassee
with prawns and new potatoes

‘Blå kornblomst’ (Danish blue cheese)
with baked plums

Trifle of late summer berries
with custard and bisquit


Smoked halibut
with potatoes in sour cream and cress

Beetroot baked in hay
with goat cheese and liquorice

Cured venison
with baked plums, Brussels sprouts and chestnuts

Old fashioned roast beef
with pearl onions, mushrooms and kale

Danish Brie
with rye bread and blackcurrant compote

Traditional Danish apple cake


Curved trout
with apples, Brussel sprout, chestnut and horseradish

Confit of duck
with cinnamon, orange and rosemary served with a coarse salad of winter cabbage, apples, honey and sweet mustard

Salt baked parsley root
with walnut and quince served with a salad of Brussel sprouts

Stuffed rib roast
with dried berries, pistachios, red cabbage with blackcurrant and port

Danish Brie
with rye bread and pickled cherries

‘Ris à l’amande’ (Danish Christmas dessert)
with cherries sauce

The Money Menu

At the National Museum of Denmark you find the historical antiquities pictured on the Danish banknotes. Restaurant Julian is inspired by the history and has created a delicious and sustainable “Money Menu” with ingredients from the different regions in Denmark where the antiquities were found.

Please contact us for further information and to receive an offer for your event.

Phone +45 33 93 07 60

50 note

Salted salmon – honey-mustard cream – small delicate herbs
Inspired by the Danish 50-note we use Tvis honey from Limfjorden in the northern part of Jutland, where the vessel from Sharp-Salling was found.

100 note

Roots baked in hay – cream of smoked cheese from Funen
Inspired by the Danish 100-note we use smoked cheese from Funen, where the fish-shaped flint dagger was found near Hindsgavl in 1876.

200 note

Cured beef – cherry wine – pickled, crispy and baked roots
Inspired by the Danish 200-note we use cherry wine from Frederiksdal in the northern part of Zealand, where the big belt plate was found in 1879.

500 note

Braised veal brisket in dark stout and thyme – powerful gravy – fresh seasonal sides
Inspired by the Danish 500-note we use dark beer brewed on the island Møn where the bronze pail from Kelby was found.

1000 note

Traditional carrot cake – crispy white chocolate
Inspired by the Danish 1000-note we use roots from Lammefjorden near Trundholm marsh to the extent it is possible, where the Sun Chariot was found in 1902.

Restaurant Julian is serving free range greens from our own farm Julian Gård in the northern part of Zealand depending on the season. Julian Gård will be 100 percent organic from September 2017.