We serve seasonal vegetables and depending on the season and the harvest we serve greens from our own farm Juliangaard located in Northern Zealand.
The produce from Juliangaard is 100 percent organic by 2018.


Classic sandwich
Toast, smoked ham, cheese from Thise (Danish dairy), rucola from Juliangaard, homemade mayo with sweet mustard DKK 65

Healthy wrap
Wrap with spicy chicken, crispy romaine lettuce, baked red bell peppers, salted almonds and coriander DKK 85

Whole wheat sandwich
Baguette with boiled veal breast, various beets, fresh horseradish, lots of cress and curly endive DKK 115
(Good for sharing)


Fresh fruit salad
DKK 45

Rasberry pie
Served with sour cream DKK 55

Apple pie
Served with sour cream DKK 50

Carrot pie
Served with sour cream DKK 55

DKK 30

With or without chocolate DKK 25

DKK 25

Cold beverages

Organic juices
From Anton’s juice mill in Juelsminde we offer a selection of juices based on Nordic fruits DKK 38

Seasonal juice of greens
Juice based on seasonal fruits and greens DKK 45

Soft drinks
Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Faxe Kondi, Faxe Free, Miranda Orange, Miranda Lemon
33 cl. DKK 26 / 50 cl. DKK 30

Mineral water
Sparkling or still DKK 26

Danish beer
Our selection of beer comes from Skands Brewery, a local Danish micro brewery
25 cl. DKK 40 / 40 cl. DKK 45 / 50 cl. DKK 70

Hot beverages

Filter coffee or tea
DKK 26

Single DKK 26 / double DKK 30

DKK 30

Café latte or cappuccino
DKK 42

Hot chocolate
Served with whipped cream and marshmallows DKK 50


Sparkling wine
Cava, Catellroig, Spain, Brut, Nv.
DKK 60 per glass / DKK 240 per bottle.

White wine
Les Refelieres, Sauvignon Blanc, Val de Loire, France, 2015.
DKK 60 per glass / DKK 240 per bottle.

White wine
Gies-Düppel, Riesling Trocken, Pfalz, Germany, 2015.
DKK 75 per glass / DKK 330 per bottle.

Red wine
Cuvée Paul Bocuse, vin de France, Collonges-Au Mont D’or, France.
DKK 60 per glass / DKK 240 per bottle.

Red wine
Chusclan, Les Genets, Cotes Du Rhone Villages, France, 2014.
DKK 75 per glass / DKK 330 per bottle.

Coroa De Rei, Ruby Port, Special reserve, Porto, Portugal.
DKK 80 per glass / DKK 375 per bottle.