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Food manifest

“Location, sustainability and enthusiasm”


These are the central themes at Restaurant Julian, which is located at The National Museum and owned by Jesper Julian Møller for more than 10 years.

With the endorsement of both the former Minister of Food Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark, as well as the Environment and Construction  as well as the Environment and Construction Mayor of Copenhagen there is no doubt – you can taste the synergies between “Location, sustainability and enthusiasm”. Our always fresh ingredients are gathered according to principles of buying ‘local, seasonal and field grown’. We practice the principles as follows:

  1. We only use crops with particularly fine conditions for growing in the North.

  2. We use only vegetables, herbs, berries, wild plants and mushrooms that grow under natural conditions.

  3. We are smoking, drying and we therefore utilize seasonal harvesting, hunting, slaughtering.

  4. We strive to use cheese with short retention period. We reduce the consumption of beef and use as far as possible fruit from the North.

  5. We deal with local fishermen, hunters, dairymen, farmers and local enthusiasts.

We buy field grown vegetables locally and seasonal – It’s good for the environment and has more flavor.