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About Julian

Restaurant Julian’s climate-friendly food

With more than 16 years of experience Restaurant Julian serves climate-friendly food inspired by the season, local and sustainable.

Depending on season and harvest Restaurant Julian gets homegrown vegetables from its own farm, Juliangaard in Smidstrup.

Location, sustainability and enthusiasm

With the endorsement of both the former Minister of Food Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark, as well as the Environment and Construction Mayor of Copenhagen there is no doubt – you can taste the synergies between our values “Location, sustainability and enthusiasm”.

Climate-friendly menu

Restaurant Julian is the first restaurant in Denmark that has produced a menu which has been approved as climate-friendly by the Minister Food Agriculture and Fisheries.

Dedicated to our mission about reducing our use of carbon Restaurant Julian is a prominent member of Climate+, a program sponsored by the Copenhagen municipal government and the city’s Green Business Network.

In 2009  Restaurant Julian was pleased to host a climate-friendly dinner for govenors from all over the world During the COP15 climate change conference in 2009.

In 2008 Restaurant Julian developed a climate-friendly menu to the Minister of Food Agriculture and Fisheries and had researchers to investigate how much CO2 a climate-friendly menu produced compared to a traditional menu. The amount of CO2 emissions you avoid by choosing the climate-friendly menu corresponded to the amount that is produced by driving 10 kilometres by car!

How much CO2 could you avoid to produce if 200 people choose the climate-friendly menu?

Restaurant Julian is a member of Refood – as we sort our food waste which is collected by Daka Refood and recycled e.g. for biogas.

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Restaurant Julian
Restaurant Julian

Our principles

We use ingredients based on the principles ”Local, seasonal and free-range”. We do our best to avoid beef as well as frozen and processed food.

We use more fish, and as many local, organic and seasonal fruits and vegetables as possible, to cut down on transport and the use of greenhouses and pesticides.

We buy from local farmers, and ports nearby lots of free-range vegetables and the golden Danish oil based on colza.

We offer

Our always fresh ingredients are gathered according to principles of buying ‘local, seasonal and field grown’.  We offer breakfast, deli snacks, sandwiches, lavish buffets, canapés or delicate 6-course menu or delicate 6-course menu and much more

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The Ministry of Food Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark
The City of Copenhagen
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